Who we are

We are the Knights of the Eternal. An organization dedicated to the suppression of Fear activity. Fears, are living embodiments of phobia, with most of them dedicated to the disruption of are world. They kill and enslave humans for pleasure and we have made it are job to stop this. With the guiding hand of the benevolent Fear The Blind Man and the leadership of his grandson Azax, we will keep the world at peace by keeping fear in the shadows.

The Knights are divided into many sub-sections each with there own obligations;

The Praetorian - The elite guards in-charge of guarding Azax and the Blind Man. It consist of twenty men   divided into two groups of ten lead by Michael Archway and Gabriel Berg.

The Centuria - The main strike force of the Knights lead by Raphael Sunder and Marcel Pattens. It is there job to respond to Contracts which are reports of Fear activity.

The Rorarii - Also known as the Last Stand, they are the guards of the Knights headquarters. Lead by Sarah Daniels and Serena Mathews.

The Clinicus - The Knights medical ward run by Alvin Brooks. It is currently the smallest division with only ten medically trained Knights on hand.